About us


ESTIL FURNITURE is the commercial name of the parent company MOBLES ESTIL VALLES S.L. founded in 1992, it was a family-run furniture manufacturer until 2006, when a new chapter in its history began, starting with a change of name. ESTIL FURNITURE was born, and thus began its fundamental objective of tailoring its products for new markets. It is also at this same period that we started working in conjunction with SCHOOL, OFFICE and CUSTOM FURNITURE manufacturers.  Due to the logistical needs of our customers, we have also made it possible to offer freight shipment from the port of origin to the port of destination.

ESTIL FURNITURE strives to adapt to the needs of our clients. With this goal in mind, and the desire to satisfy individual request, we have continually expanded our range of products tailored to scools, universities, live-in educational reform institutions and even prisons.

Something that characterizes ESTIL FURNITURE is the time and energy that we invest to better understand client needs. We put ourselves in your shoes and strive for your satisfaction with the service we provide. Our main objective to MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER.